Generation Z (aka iGen)

"Gen Z, the generation after Millenials, will soon become the fastest growing generation of employees and customers.  This new generation thinks email is snail mail and Facebook is what their grandparents like.  Every parent, employer, marketer, and neighbor needs to understand this new generation that is poised to change everything." -Jason Dorsey   This topic... Continue Reading →


The Book of Acts

I am reading the book of Acts along with a few of my close brothers in Christ.  We have an assigned chapter each day, with Sundays off.  We write back with: 1.  our favorite verse(s) from the chapter, 2.  our reflection about why we chose that verse(s), 3.  and then we write a prayer using... Continue Reading →


This is a post from Caleb Hyers, Pastor of The Resting Place Church in Tampa, Florida.     "Let me help you make 2019 the best year of your life... If you would only start well with this one thing, I am convinced that you will have the absolute best opportunity for joy in this... Continue Reading →


Dan Lok's Stages Dan Lok immigrated from China to Canada when he was 14 years old.  From being severely bullied in school to his parents divorcing which left him and his mother very poor, Dan's childhood was filled with struggle.  He vowed to never allow him and his mother to go without.  He began working... Continue Reading →

One Year : Thank You

Today marks my first year of articles written here on my WordPress.  I have all of you to thank for the support.  Every time any of you open the link to any of my articles, WordPress keeps record of it.  I normally just look at Views and Visitors.  Here is a screen shot just so... Continue Reading →

Determinism and Free Will: A brief answer

The following is a transcript of a question and answer session where apologist Ravi Zacharias responds to an atheist scientist. YouTube link provided below. Question: "Hello my name is Ethan Kaiser.  I am a scientist and an atheist.  My question is: since the Bible has been scientifically disproven as far as all of the claims through... Continue Reading →


Song lyrics to "Speak" by Bethany Worship. YouTube link provided below. I want to hear you.  Louder than the noise. I want to know you.  Closer than the air that I breathe. Deeper than my soul burning. Speak to me.  Let my heart be awakened by the whispering of love. Pull me close to your... Continue Reading →

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